Odds Against Happiness

BootycandyPlaywrights Horizons/Mainstage Theater

Some excellent performances give buoyance to Robert O’Hara’s Bootycandy, a comic series of vignettes that are awkwardly interrelated but provide plenty of laughs as well as fodder for thought. The story follows a young black gay man from his troubled childhood through to adulthood, as if in snapshots.  Phillip James Brannon plays Sutter, the son … Read more

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Young, Randy and Irish

Boys&Girls Feature

The Irish are famous for their gift of gab, and Dylan Coburn Gray’s Boys and Girls, the play that opens the 1st Irish Festival at 59E59 Theatres, fits into that tradition. The “play” is more accurately a series of monologues by four actors, all of them about youthful urges for sex. A young male called … Read more

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Made with Love

Daliya Karnofsky as The Bakeress.  Photo by Justin Onna.

Daliya Karnofsky as The Bakeress. Photo by Justin Onna. You know you’re literally in for a treat when, as soon as you enter the appropriately-named Celebration of Whimsy Theatre (The C.O.W.), you are greeted by an extremely perky, polka-dot-apron’d Bakeress who immediately bombards you with a detailed description of the kind of baked good you … Read more

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Love, Loss and Lola


At the beginning of Forgetting the Details, a one-woman show performed by actress-comedienne Nicole Maxali, she — narrating as a present-day version of herself — turns to the audience and asks: “Are memories enough when people and places are no longer there?” The show, which is featured as part of this year’s New York International … Read more

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Magic in the Making

Erica Larsen & Clinton Greenspan

Since the mid-to-late 1800s, many have been fascinated by the worlds of magic, illusion and spirits. Nothing set this off more than the Spiritualism Movement of that period, best exemplified by mediums, seances and ouija boards. Along with Spiritualism, there was another movement growing in popularity on the stage: that of grand illusion. As We … Read more

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What do you get when you put together political scandal cover-ups, a villain who plots through songs, extremely flexible chorus boys, a family secret and a musical within a musical? Propaganda! The Musical. An official selection of the New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF), which ended July 27th, Propaganda! is one of 24 original new musicals … Read more

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