A Cop and Clowns Walk into a Bar…

Amir Wachterman, Willy Appelman

The lights are dimmed, the room is silent. “You can sit here,” the usher says. “Oh, and don’t forget this.” As if it came out of thin air, it appears between his finger tips and he places it in the palm of my hand. I look down, and there it is — a bright red … Read more

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Invest In Your Theater Experience


If you thought Governors Island was only for bicycling, picnics and electronic music concerts — think again! Because theater visionaries David Evans Morris and Kristin Marting have transformed the island’s historic Pershing Hall into a “living market” for their latest immersive theater creation entitled Trade Practices, which kicks off the 2014-15 season at HERE Arts Center. … Read more

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Prince George of Broadway


The Mint Theater, upstairs in a loft building on West 43rd St., pursues forgotten plays with the vigor of a dachshund digging for moles. Over the course of 18 years, this dogged Company has unearthed a surprising number of theatrical treasures buried by time, as well as a few mislaid scripts (but only a few) of primarily academic interest. Since … Read more

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The Endless Pleasure of Rouge

6-Katrina Cunningham. photo by Phillip Van Nostrand-p

If there’s any theater company instantly able to capture a mood and entice the senses all in the course of one evening, it is undeniably Austin McCormick’s Company XIV. The company, founded by McCormick in 2006, combines the high elegance of the late-18th century with the smoky jazz cabarets of the early-20th century to make … Read more

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A Long Trek to Bardo

Lingering Life feature

For This Lingering Life, playwright Chiori Miyagawa has drawn elements from nine Noh plays. Initially, she writes in a program note, she wanted to “pay homage to the culture.” But once she began, she revised and adapted them extensively. Elements of the 15th-century theatrical form remain—in its content (several characters are warriors, crazy women, or … Read more

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Odds Against Happiness

BootycandyPlaywrights Horizons/Mainstage Theater

Some excellent performances give buoyance to Robert O’Hara’s Bootycandy, a comic series of vignettes that are awkwardly interrelated but provide plenty of laughs as well as fodder for thought. The story follows a young black gay man from his troubled childhood through to adulthood, as if in snapshots.  Phillip James Brannon plays Sutter, the son … Read more

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