Editor’s Note: A rare production of August Strindberg’s Playing with Fire will open Aug. 22 for six performances. The site-specific presentation runs an hour and is being staged at a secret garden site on North 7th Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Performances are at 8:30 p.m. Aug. 22–24 and 28–30; tickets are $10. For reservations, e-mail pwf.reservations@gmail.com.—Edward Karam


Is It a Crime?


Director Whitney Aronson’s approach to August Strindberg’s rarely produced Crimes and Crimes is to streamline and bring out the dark comedy that the play encompasses. Her adaptation of the Swedish playwright’s work has been updated to present-day New York City. She has taken the attitude that the realism and harsh events that occur in the … Read more

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A Family’s New Chapter

Connie Saltzman, Andres de Vengoechea, Gladys Perez, Vanessa Verduga

An Ecuadorian father, Nelson (Anthony Ruiz), struggles to reconnect with his three adult children when his past catches up with him in Vanessa Verduga’s comedy Implications of Cohabitation. Verduga also plays the love child, Sara, who does not relate to her half-siblings, Kevin (Andres de Vengoechea) and Jenny (Connie Saltzman). Their father, Nelson, had an … Read more

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A Civic Jewel—and Free!

Winter's Tale feature 2

There is something appropriate about offering Shakespeare for free in the parks of New York City. Like the great rivers and mountains of the earth or the stars and planetary system—which charge no admission for us to admire them—Shakespeare is a force of Nature that belongs to us all. Artistic Director Stephen Burdman has made it … Read more

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A Midsummer’s Nightmare

Austin feature

Luckily for dramatist Elda Cusick, the director of her new play, Austin, A Summer Night’s Dream in Hell’s Kitchen, hired very good actors; they are the saving grace for a rambling and extremely shopworn script. It is truly unfortunate that Cusick’s muddled drama has wasted such talent. The playwright purports to tell the story of the … Read more

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(Un)Happy Family


Tolstoy said: “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” The origins of unhappiness are certainly a unique combination for every family. For the one in Ann Adams’s Strange Country, directed by Jay Stull at the Access Theater, mental illness, lack of loyalty, and addiction are the sources that lead … Read more

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Wounds That Won’t Heal

Quietly feature

The works of Northern Ireland playwright Owen McCafferty may be unfamiliar to regular theatergoers in America, but since the early years of this century he has been building an important body of work—a visit to London in 2002 brought this writer in contact with Closing Time, an early play with the inestimable Jim Norton. Hosting … Read more

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