Editor’s Note: The Obie Award–winning Fire This Time Festival is running until Feb. 5 at the Kraine Theater (85 East 4th St. between Second Avenue and the Bowery). The eighth season of the festival, which presents playwrights of African and African-American descent, kicked off on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and will feature a 10-minute play series, several readings of full-length plays, excerpts from solo shows, and an open-mike night, among other things. For more information, visit firethistimefestival.com/welcome. —Edward Karam


Review: God of Vengeance

God of Vengeance

Ninety-four years ago, the cast and producer of the Broadway production of Sholem Asch’s God of Vengeance were jailed on grounds of obscenity. The jury trial that followed—a cause célèbre in New York State court—foreshadowed more protracted, better-remembered litigation regarding the merits of Ulysses by James Joyce and Lady Chatterley’s Lover by D.H. Lawrence. God of Vengeance involves a brothel-keeper, his family, his whores, and a rival … Read more

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Review: I Like It Like That

I Like It feature No. 2

One way in which musical theater rises above and beyond straight drama in its delivery is that song is like a shortcut, overtaking the spoken word, when reaching out and touching its audience. Fans will be pleased to know that I Like It Like That is a new musical that really delivers. Writers David Maldonado and Waddys … Read more

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Review: The Babylon Line

Photo: Jeremy Daniel

It’s almost three decades since Richard Greenberg distinguished himself as the baby boomers’ Philip Barry. For audiences of the late 1980s, the dialogue of Greenberg’s breakout comedy Eastern Standard was as racy and iconoclastic as The Philadelphia Story had been to playgoers in the late 1930s; and the frolicsome plot and screwball characters had a joie de vivre reminiscent of Barry’s Holiday. At a … Read more

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Review: Life Is for Living

Life is for Living, 59e59 Theaters, December 12, 2016

He was a jack of all trades artistic and master of them all. Trendsetter and admired cultural icon, Noel Coward was a British actor, playwright, dancer, composer and lyricist of songs, musicals and operettas, screenwriter and director, painter, novelist, and diarist, whose style, rapier wit, and intellect dominated the worlds of British theater and entertainment … Read more

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Review: Othello

Othello feature 1

Star wattage backed up by first-rate acting gives Sam Gold’s production of Othello a must-see status. Indeed, one suspects that without the celebrity power, Shakespeare’s rarely staged tragedy might have taken even longer to reappear on the boards. (John Douglas Thompson gave a superb interpretation in a traditional production back in 2009, although there is currently a rap … Read more

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Review: Rancho Viejo

Rancho Viejo
Playwrights Horizons

Bill Buell
Mark Blum
Lusia Strus
Ruth Aguilar
Mare Winningham
Tyrone Mitchell Henderson
Julia Duffy

Dan LeFranc’s Rancho Viejo, like his excellent 2012 play The Big Meal, echoes with cosmic significance. The Big Meal was life itself; in Rancho Viejo the subject is more difficult to discern, but it seems to be the way assimilation into a society comes about and the obstacles therein. The title is the name of … Read more

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