Love, Loss and Lola


At the beginning of Forgetting the Details, a one-woman show performed by actress-comedienne Nicole Maxali, she — narrating as a present-day version of herself — turns to the audience and asks: “Are memories enough when people and places are no longer there?” The show, which is featured as part of this year’s New York International … Read more

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Magic in the Making

Erica Larsen & Clinton Greenspan

Since the mid-to-late 1800s, many have been fascinated by the worlds of magic, illusion and spirits. Nothing set this off more than the Spiritualism Movement of that period, best exemplified by mediums, seances and ouija boards. Along with Spiritualism, there was another movement growing in popularity on the stage: that of grand illusion. As We … Read more

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What do you get when you put together political scandal cover-ups, a villain who plots through songs, extremely flexible chorus boys, a family secret and a musical within a musical? Propaganda! The Musical. An official selection of the New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF), which ended July 27th, Propaganda! is one of 24 original new musicals … Read more

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Fuzzy Gore on W 42

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A press release for the Puppet Shakespeare Players’ Puppet Titus Andronicus announces, first and foremost, that one of the show’s producers is Dee Snider of Twisted Sister fame. As though that’s not eye-catching enough, the press release hails this production as a “fresh, comedic take on Shakespeare’s ‘worst’ play.” Whether Titus Andronicus may fairly be dismissed as the “worst” play in the … Read more

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Kicking Feminism

Donkey Punch feature photo

Early in Micheline Auger’s Donkey Punch, frank banter and satirical jabs suggest the playwright has written a sex comedy. But Auger is out for more than just laughs. Gradually, in Audrey Alford’s production for the Ivy Theatre Company, the dramatist’s comedy-drama becomes a troubling look at the state of feminism.  Two women are the focus … Read more

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Agent of Change

Call Me Crazy Image 1

Have you ever met a pimp? Or talked to a 19-year-old prostitute? Or tried to avoid your menopausal boss who keeps screaming for the stapler you know you didn’t take? For most people, the answer would be no. But for Helena D. Lewis, she has met these people and many more unique individuals.Call Me Crazy: … Read more

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