Editor’s Corner: The Royal Shakespeare Company makes a rare visit to New York with “King and Country,” the umbrella title for Shakespeare’s tetralogy about three consecutive kings. Richard II, Henry IV, Parts 1 and 2, and Henry V play at the BAM Harvey Theater (30 Lafayette Ave. between Ashland Place and Felix Street in Brooklyn) in repertory through May 1. For schedules and ticket information, visit www.bam.org.


Vive ‘Le Dingdong’!

Dingdong feature photo

Director Hal Brooks unbridles five actors in The Dingdong, Mark Shanahan’s updated adaptation of Georges Feydeau’s 1896 farce Le Dindon. He propels it even further into the absurd by having those five actors bring to charming, boisterous and nuanced life 12 distinct characters. The farce begins with Lucy Vatelin (Rachel Botchan), a married woman, attempting to slam the … Read more

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Laughs, Both Light and Hearty

From left, Dana Ivey plays Mrs. Candour, Frances Barber is Lady Sneerwell, and xxx is Lady Teazle in "The School for Scandal." Top: xxxxxxx with Mark Linn-Baker as her husband, Sir Peter Teazle. Photos by xxxxxxx.

By the time that Richard Brinsley Sheridan premiered The School for Scandal at London’s Drury Lane Theatre in 1777, the era of licentious, innuendo-ridden Restoration comedies had long passed. So, too, had the more recent heyday of sentimental comedies, which sanitized the dirty-minded plots and dialogues of the Restoration in order to produce what Sir Richard Steele … Read more

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Sins of the Past

When I Was feature

Scottish playwright Sharman Macdonald’s When I Was a Girl I Used To Scream and Shout, directed by John Keating, at the Clurman Theater, captures the tensions that often exist between parents and children. In this case, the play centers on a mother’s attempt to reconcile with her daughter. Morag (pronounced “MORE-ag”), played primly with repressed exuberance by … Read more

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Gather, Ye Illuminati Hopefuls

Illuminati feature photo

In 1972, wealthy Parisian socialite Marie-Hélène de Rothschild threw an elaborately occult Illuminati Ball at her family’s chateau. Guests of honor included Salvador Dali and Audrey Hepburn, and the coveted invitations requested “black tie, long dresses, & Surrealist heads.” Today, nearly 50 years later, immersive maven Cynthia von Buhler reimagines the Illuminati Ball at her … Read more

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Loss Takes On Many Forms


Holding on to the past can weigh upon a family. In her first play, Keep, Francesca Pazniokas explores how the emotional weight of a missing woman burdens her three sisters. Keep is inspired by her years of struggling to mask an addiction to hoarding. The production centers on a young hoarder, Naomi (Kim Krane), and her older sisters, … Read more

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Breaking Gender Barriers in ‘Shrew’

photo by Bob Pileggi

New York theater is known for challenging the status quo, and  that is what the Queen’s Company is all about—breaking down barriers by creating gender-blind performances of the classics and reaching out to a broader, more diverse community in its perspective on those classics, in particular Shakespeare. Artistic director Rebecca Patterson’s vision shows she understands … Read more

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