Global Impacts of Genocide


The bodies of about 1,000 dead Muslim men and boys are still missing to this day in the forests of Srebrenica, a small mountain town in Southeastern Europe. During the Bosnian War in April 1993, the United Nations declared Srebrenica a “safe area” in their peacekeeping mission and oversaw a Dutch battalion under Lieutenant Colonel Thom … Read more

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When Art and Politics Collide

Scenes feature photo

Potomac Theatre Project (PTP) has opened its annual residency at Atlantic Stage 2, which is to say its annual advocacy for the plays of Howard Barker, one of Britain’s most challenging playwrights. “A good play puts the audience through a certain ordeal,” Barker told a Guardian interviewer in 2012. “I’m not interested in entertainment.” Yet … Read more

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Grade-School Skulduggery

Ruthless feature photo

There are wild eyes and grand gestures galore in Ruthless!, the musical that’s being revived at St. Luke’s Theatre on 46th Street. During its long run, the 1993 Off-Broadway creation, with book and lyrics by Joel Paley, who also directs, and music by Marvin Laird, introduced future stars Britney Spears, Natalie Portman and Laura Bell … Read more

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A Chinese Tragedy in Subtitles


At first glance, Yangtze Repertory Theatre of America’s newest experimental production Behind The Mask seems as unapproachable and daunting as the foreign-language category of the Oscars. The entire play is spoken, performed and occasionally sung in that beautifully intimidating language, Mandarin Chinese. One might view it appreciatively from afar, mildly aware that time and effort has been put … Read more

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Memorable Shadows

Ada | Ava feature photo

Ada/Ava, the new production of Manual Cinema and The Tank at the 3-Legged Dog Art & Technology Center is hard to pigeonhole, let alone describe. The story it tells is fascinating, but the multimedia whatsis is unlike anything you may ever have seen—in a good way. It’s undertaken by eight talented performers, musicians and technicians, … Read more

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Brittle Steel Magnolias

(Photo by Victoria Will)

Immersive performance experiences usually toe the blurry line between smashing through the fourth wall and discomfiting the audience with its intimacy. But when onlookers can cling to the familiarity of a tried and true theme, a delightful complacency settles in, and expectations tend to plateau. In director/choreographer/creator Mary John Frank’s production of Debutaunt, five Southern belles conduct … Read more

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