Editor’s Note: Hypokrit Theatre Company, in association with the James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation, will present “Tamasha: Festival of South Asian Performing Arts” from Sept. 26-Oct. 2 at the Paradise Factory (64 E. 4th St. in Manhattan). Among the theatrical offerings of the festival, which includes music, comedy and dance, will be The Music in My Blood by Shubhra Prakash; Eh Dah?—Questions for My Father by Aya Aziz; Honour: Confessions of a Mumbai Courtesan by Dipti Mehta; and a production of Tennessee Williams’s Outcry. For more information, visit www.tamashanyc.org.—Edward Karam


Tortured Souls

Toscana No. 2

Marta Mondelli’s Toscana, or What I Remember begins as the story of two couples whose lives intersect at a hotel in Tuscany in the middle of February. Each is tortured in his or her own right. It starts interestingly enough with Emma (Mondelli herself), an Italian who has been living in New York, and her husband, Fred … Read more

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Young But Wise

Taste No. 3a

Shelagh Delaney was only 18 when her first play, A Taste of Honey, premiered in London in 1958 and she added to the gender diversity of the Angry Young Men of postwar British theater. The play was developed at the acclaimed producer Joan Littlewood’s Theatre Workshop, and it contains some of Littlewood’s hallmarks, notably a … Read more

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Looking for God and Love

Hershey Felder Maestro Leonard Bernstein

Serious pianists love to study the great composers in order to explore and channel the music they are to perform. Hershey Felder, the writer and star of the solo show Maestro, is a serious pianist and composer in his own right. He is also a gifted and highly successful singer, director, and producer. His one-man show … Read more

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Feathered Enemies

Birds feature photo

The Birds, Conor McPherson’s creepy new play, is derived neither from Aristophanes nor Alfred Hitchcock. It does, however, share DNA with the 1963 film because both draw from a short story by Daphne du Maurier. (Hitchcock also used du Maurier novels as source material for Jamaica Inn and his Oscar-winning Rebecca.) Don’t expect to find … Read more

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That Pharmaceutical Connection


The drug that gives Ana Nogueira’s new play its name, Empathitrax, fosters complete intimacy between two people in a relationship. The users take it with water, then wait a bit and touch each other—waves of empathy ensue as the feelings of the other become utterly accessible. It’s apparent almost immediately that the man and woman in … Read more

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Cracking Open


In Honor Molloy’s Crackskull Row, a hovel in Dublin becomes the unlikely setting for an emotionally overwrought, Oedipal drama. The play is set in 1999, but it has the audience fooled—Molloy’s play has all the trappings of a mid-20th-century, Joycean family narrative. Although the audience often hears references to staples of modern life—mobile phones, an ESB (Electricity Supply … Read more

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