R&H Hit the Avant-Garde

No. 3

When it first appeared in 1947, Allegro was clearly a departure from Rodgers and Hammerstein’s earlier shows, Oklahoma! (1943) and Carousel (1945). Influenced by Thornton Wilder’s classic, Our Town (1938), Rodgers and Hammerstein intended it to be staged experimentally—without scenery and employing a Greek chorus. (Stephen Sondheim, a protégé of Hammerstein, was a gofer on … Read more

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This Side of Princeton

Feature photo

If there can be too much of a good thing, the Prospect Theater Company’s production of the musical The Underclassmen provides the evidence for it. It’s a reworking of a 2005 effort called The Pursuit of Persephone, by composer and lyricist Peter Mills and book writers Mills and Cara Reichel, that was itself an adaptation … Read more

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A Lesson on Rape Culture

R Culture Image 3 Romy Nordlinger & Rachel A. Collins

While circuses and clowns are amusing, rape is far from a laughing matter. In R Culture, playwright Cecilia Copeland uses the world of a circus act to invite people into a safe space to talk about our culture in relationship to rape. The show is conducted by the ringmaster played by Jennifer Harder. With the help … Read more

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Making a Change

Accept _Except_ LGBT NY 4

A play that addresses incarceration, LGBT issues, racism with the States, and gender inequality is a piece of work that does not cross your path every day, and a play that should not be ignored. Presented by the Castillo Theatre, Accept “Except” LGBT NY has been performed in New York City before, but contains a timeless message … Read more

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Souls in Exile

Lost Lake

Set in a dilapidated summer cabin in upstate New York, David Auburn’s engaging new play, Lost Lake, focuses on two people who might otherwise never have shared a stage. Yet Auburn, who won a Pulitzer Prize for Proof, develops a relationship between them that’s both believable and compelling. The result is a personal drama that … Read more

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Naturalism with a Southern Twang

LEW- (2)

One of August Strindberg’s most famous plays, Miss Julie, has been widely produced and adapted around the world.  Recently, August Strindberg Repertory Theatre has kept the play in the year 1888, but relocated it from a farmhouse in Sweden to a plantation house in antebellum Louisiana.  Also, this version of Miss Julie takes place on … Read more

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