A Different Kind of Fourth Wall

SHE - Promo Art

If the walls of your high school bathroom could talk, they could probably tell you all you need to know about high school more than the halls ever could. While shy grazes between classes and aggressive shoves against the lockers can be very revealing about the high school experience, what is said behind closed doors—away … Read more

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A Slanted Perspective

Tilted Production Photo 3

The reality in New York City and the rest of the modern world can seem absurd, morbid and mysterious from one minute to the next. Troy Deutsch’s In a Tilted Place shows just how strange life can really get. The production is a series of nine outlandish short plays, or wild scenes, and opens with … Read more

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Apocalypse Soon

Mercury Fur 2

Societies don’t come much more dystopian than that of Philip Ridley’s brutal and Darwinian Mercury Fur. In this vision of the future, staged in traverse by Scott Elliott for The New Group, Ridley posits a world—specifically New York—in the grip of post-apocalyptic violence. Zoo animals have been gunned down in their cages, riots fill the streets, and … Read more

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Souls Drowning in Sorrow


Dramedy very infrequently serves its stories well. Add to that alloy the well-worn narrative of an unfolding mystery, and one can easily overflow an already full cup. But Sea of Souls is an adamant proponent of such a mixing, so long as they can evoke every audience emotion from terror to laughter. Souls has a swift undercurrent … Read more

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Global Impacts of Genocide


The bodies of about 1,000 dead Muslim men and boys are still missing to this day in the forests of Srebrenica, a small mountain town in Southeastern Europe. During the Bosnian War in April 1993, the United Nations declared Srebrenica a “safe area” in their peacekeeping mission and oversaw a Dutch battalion under Lieutenant Colonel Thom … Read more

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When Art and Politics Collide

Scenes feature photo

Potomac Theatre Project (PTP) has opened its annual residency at Atlantic Stage 2, which is to say its annual advocacy for the plays of Howard Barker, one of Britain’s most challenging playwrights. “A good play puts the audience through a certain ordeal,” Barker told a Guardian interviewer in 2012. “I’m not interested in entertainment.” Yet … Read more

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