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For some, loneliness is a subject better left to the existentialists. For Concrete Temple Theatre, it is a subject worth exploring. In Alone in Triptych, the company’s production for the SubletSeries at HERE Arts Center, we meet three seemingly disparate characters, whose lives are slowly revealed to be more connected than at first glance. The play … Read more

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The Heathers’ Wrath

Musical "Heathers" performing at New World Stages in New York. Photo by Chad Batka.

Before there were “The Plastics” of Mean Girls’ fame, there was another cruel clique prowling high school halls and making life a living-hell for anyone who wasn’t “in”: The Heathers. The 1988 Daniel Waters’ cult film has been reimagined as a musical stage show by Laurence O’Keefe and Kevin Murphy, and brings Heather Chandler (Jessica … Read more

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As God As My Witness…


Movie stars of yesteryear weren’t bombarded with today’s paparazzi and tabloids, leaving fans to often speculate their personal lives, full of movie premieres and fabulous parties. But behind closed doors, they’re humans with flaws and abrasive character traits.  Written and performed by Bettina Lohmeyer, “Bette Davis…Fasten Your Seatbelts!” takes a look inside the dark and … Read more

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Hades by Design

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Clusters of cloudy mirrors crowd the exposed-brick walls of The Club at La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club, which The Nerve Tank has transformed into Hades’ euro-trashy underworld for their latest production, The Maiden. Although it is an experimental reboot of the Persephone myth, The Maiden does not narrate this classic mythological tale in a traditional sense. Rather, Nerve … Read more

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Woman is the Future of Man


What do you get with a play that infuses all the elements of a classic farce with a modern soundtrack and an all-female cast? You get complete and utter hilarity. Much of this hilarity is owed to the wit of English playwright Aphra Behn, known to many as one of the first female dramatists and therefore … Read more

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One-Trick Warhorse

Mama feature photo

John van Druten is enjoying a mini-revival this season in New York. The Mint Theater has staged his 1931 play London Wall, a glorious rediscovery typical of the Mint’s work, and the Roundabout is producing a revival of Cabaret, based on van Druten’s play I Am a Camera (itself drawn from the Berlin Stories of … Read more

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