Two Women on a Precipice

Two Women on a Precipice postcard
When: Back to Calendar » July 29, 2013 @ 12:15 pm - 1:15 pm
Where: Jewel Box Theater
312 West 36th Street
New York,NY 10018
Cost: $15
Contact: Karin Fazio Littlefield
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NEW YORK, NY (July 16, 2013) – Midtown International Theatre Festival presents, in association with Titus’ Arrow, TWO WOMEN ON A PRECIPICE, a play by Karin Fazio Littlefield.

The production stars Dianne Diep and Laura Lee Botsacos as two women who stand at the edge of an enormous abyss, trying to decide whether or not to hurl themselves into the void. As the women doubt their commitment to jump, their lives tumble out onstage exposing fear, pain, humor and the futility of trying to control one’s life.

Director Roark Littlefield calls the play an absurdist farce about existential dread.

On discussing the motivations for writing the play, Karin Fazio Littlefield explains, “Struggling with the mysteries of the universe is not a uniquely male dilemma; it is a uniquely human dilemma. And yet the tragicomedy of this human predicament only seems to manifest on stage with male characters. Why aren’t women portrayed talking about God and the nature of existence? Certainly thoughts of god, evil, hell and death go through a woman’s mind as well.”

The cast of actors also includes Charles Baran and Andy Phillips. Performances are July 29 at 7:15 p.m., Aug. 3 at 9:30 p.m., and Aug. 4 at 5:45 p.m. at the Jewel Box Theater, 312 West 36th Street, NY, NY.

Karin Fazio Littlefield is a New York playwright and artist. Her plays have been presented across the U.S. and Canada, including The American Globe Theatre, NYC, The Manhattan Repertory Theatre, NYC, She Speaks in Kitchener, Ontario, The Last Frontier Theatre Conference in Alaska and by The Disreputables in D.C. A very unusual and impromptu performance of “Two Women on a Precipice” was staged by the playwright and the director on their drive to Alaska from NYC for The Last Frontier Theatre Conference. It was performed in the Yukon to amuse stranded travelers and townspeople (many who had never seen a play before) after a piece of a mountain slid down and closed the Alaska Highway.

For more info visit Two Women on a Precipice.

The Midtown International Theatre Festival’s 2013 Season runs from July 15 – August 4, 2013  at the June Havoc Theatre, 312 W. 36th Street, 1st floor; the Dorothy Strelsin Theatre, 312 W. 36th Street, 1st floor; the Main Stage Theater, 312 W. 36th Street, 4th floor; and the Jewel Box Theater, 312 W. 36th Street, 4th floor. John Chatterton created the MITF in 2000, a Midtown alternative to other theatre festivals, as a way to present the finest Off-Off Broadway talent in convenience, comfort, and safety.  In 2003, the MITF moved its activities to their current location, the Theatre Building on W. 36th St., where it has been successfully ensconced since.  In 2008 the Festival expanded from two theatres in that building to four, at the WorkShop Theater Company and Abingdon Theatre Company spaces. The MITF’s artistic emphasis is on the script itself, and therefore the Festival focuses on effective but minimal production values. For more information, visit

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